Welcome to Dubai Freezones in the Arabic Emirates!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven emirates situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula on the Gulf, bordering the countries Saudi Arabia and Oman. Its economy could note a steady boom for a number of years, which created business opportunities in the country - almost without limits. The emirates furthermore highly benefited from the joint government`s efforts to develop its non-oil business sectors and diversify the economy.

Possible applications (examples):

  • Private (anonymous) wealth management abroad
  • Participations in companies abroad (in particular non-offshore)
  • Real estate acquisition abroad
  • Yacht- and boatregistration abroad
  • Holding structures
  • Holding of licenses, patents and naming rights
  • International trading operations

The Arabic Emirates as offshore location are still very young in comparison, which means that the reputation in the international legal and business transactions is higher compared to locations like the Channel Islands, Panama, BVI and others.

Thanks to the great „off-spin“ possibilities shown the Dubai Freezones in the Arabic Emirates will always remain a mix of “pure” offshore entities and really operationally oriented holding- and ownership companies.