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Own company

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We incorporate your company in the United Arab Emirates

Companies or individuals, who want to do business within the Dubai Freezones, can adopt one of the five following legal forms. All legal forms are exempt from tax. One has to distinguish between an IBC and FZE.

1. Start-up International Business Company (IBC)

  • International Business Company: International business feasible, except in the United Arab Emirates. The corporate form is not obliged to licensing.

2. Start-up Free zone branch (FZE)

  • Free zone branch office: business start-up with only one shareholder
  • Free zone enterprise: business start-up with 2 to 5 shareholders

3. Local offices

  • Local offices: branch office of a company already domiciled in the UAE
  • Foreign branches: branch outside of a company domiciled outside the UAE

Time required for the foundation

5 working days - after the submission of the required documents. We will be at your disposal for a detailed offer for the foundation, as well as for questions of all kind. We certainly undertake the foundation with you. We prepare all documents and records for you. On request you will receive the foundation details conveniently submitted for signature via post or pass by at our office.

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